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Initiation into Hermetics...Day One and Two..,,6/19-20/2010 Jun. 20th, 2010 @ 05:21 pm
WIll post this here for now..

My first day exercise for Initiation into Hermetics went well.
IT is to watch your thoughts as they come through for about five minutes.

Day One..noticed that maybe five or six times something in my body would want to move.
Eyeballs, hands, feet...just had to breathe through that impulse and wait for it to change.
I had Dave Matthews song, Crash into Me going through my head for about three minutes. I also heard that I would have a good day. And I did.

Day two...was a bit harder...environmentally i had more going on, ceiling fan, light in my face, and wife cooking in the kitchen. My thoughts seem to be more about what I needed to do. What things I put on my list and how I was going to get to them.

I just noticed that even though I have thoughts....they arent as quick as they were the last time I attempted this. Last time, I would find myself either lost in thought, or interrupted doing whatever it was that i was thinking about. I seem to have an easier time detaching myself and just watching this time around.

Time to start the list Jun. 17th, 2010 @ 08:32 pm
Well, now that the smoke has mostly cleared it is time to do what I have said I would do...
I need to make a list of everything I want to need to do and start working it.

I think today I will start with making lists of stuff that I want to do.
We can make process...how to lists later. So today I will start with a general to do wanna do list.

I want to clean out the garage
I want to heal up and strengthen my back
I want to eat more healthy
I want to cook more.
I want to cook new things without fear of failure or criticism
I want to acquire good tools for cooking, a complete set, or tool kit if you will.
I want to walk more
I want to keep dropping weight.
I want to maintain a healthy diet
i want to mark down what I eat on a food journal..aka freds
I want to be more organized
I want to get ready for school
I want to explore magical elemental exercises as a way of broadening myself
I want to go through my clothes and thin out what I really dont want or need
I want to pay off my truck
I want to apply for financial aid
I want to organize my clothes in the closet by color and by type.
I want to work as a healer and start getting more of a clientele.
I want to be more positive, and speak in a manner that helps other feel happy, relaxed, and helpful
I want to finish paying off taxes.
I want to finish preparing last years taxes.
I want to get my first 4runner sold.
This is a good start. Prolly a months or more of work. All good. Better to write it down, make steps, and see progress, rather than never start and always feel behind.
Going to keep this public so I dont have to log in to see it.

Jun. 15th, 2010 @ 07:26 am
Finally posted something on Chris4Dakota's page.
You can read it here...http://chris4dakota.livejournal.com/623.html?view=2415#t2415

Updating new goal for 6/8/10 Jun. 8th, 2010 @ 07:15 pm
So..havent been on here in awhile...
going through some interesting times...

Todays comversation is physical related.
It is time to drop some weight.

My goal is 212. I am currently at about 235. Thats 23 lbs I wish to lose.

I have switched to eating a lot more healthy. I dont go to buffets.
I have been doing more protein and vegetables instead of comfort starches.
I have a juicer and a food processor that have been making my cooking much

Things that need to happen for me to succeed.

I need to keeo eating better.
I need to work out, walk, etc at least three times a week.
I need to drink more water per day.
There is more stuff to add, but I will figure it out as I go.
I am willing to go towards this goal in small steps.
I am willing to feel ok even if I havent reached the goal.
I will chart my progress.
I will work on making this progress fun with some rewards thrown in.

A note in my Grandmother's stuff... Apr. 11th, 2010 @ 04:17 pm
God was that she was getting tired
and a cure was not to be
So he put His arm around her
and whispered, "Come home with me."
With tearmful eyes he watched her suffer, and
saw her fade away.
A golden heart stopped beating;
a determined spirit was at rest.
God broke our hearts to prove to us,
He only takes the best.
Other entries
» Free county insurance, or regular for pay insurance?
ok guys,
I need some advice, some grownup advice.

My wife will need some help in order to get pregnant. Doctor visits are in order.
The question I have is...not currently being in a job that has insurance..is getting us into the plan at Parkland ok? or should I work harder to change jobs, or belly on up and enroll in say Citgna insurance?

Any advice would be welcome. This question has had me confuzzled for awhile.
Just heard one of my beloved friends has HIV.
Makes me sad. Also makes me want to post special warnings.
This is two in one year, really three cause his partner has it too.

Guys, use condoms if you arent sure of your partners.
If you can, get tested with your partner and wait til you both get clear results.
» RIP Happy Shel
Hand meets skin
Skin vibrates and makes sound
Sound echos and reverberates through our bodies
Our bodies move to the vibration and the sound of the drum
Smiles are exchanged...
Rhythms are created, are changed, die out, and are born again
Fusions of mind body and hands
Friendships are created, lessons taught, rhythms shared
Dum Dum tek Da Dum Dum Tek
Hand meets skin, creates vibrations that help change the world
Happy Shel may the Mother and Father greet you.
May they lay a large feast before your feet.
May I say thank you for your influence and smiles,
and of course your vibration that helped change the world.
» Rama thoughts...and walking on..
Worked all night...
Am a bit tired today.
Cleaned the house and did the yard.

I am sorry I did not attend the service last night.

I still thought about Chris and the importance of living each day to its fullest.

So today
I seize my dreams
I hold them to my chest
And all the while I work towards them
I dont have to be anyone
Nor anything other than the things I choose.
That..is the power of the present and future.
Escalator up...to the top floor please...
Cause I can, cause I want to.
That for me is the message of the dead...
» Things I never told Rama-RIP Chris Wyatt...Rama
I was jealous of his spirit at times.
I watched him walk into a shop, get an idea, set up a massage chair outside,
and have all the people on a street go to him. Didnt matter that other stuff was going on, no, that day he was the sun. I stopped trying to work that day. I had to bow to a superior magician.
I loved his hair.
I loved his laugh.
I loved his massage touch.
I gave him credit for trying.
I hated his friend for enabling the drug use. Talked many times of findng said friend over the last year and giving him a blanket party, but..well not worth our time or karma.
I wished I could have fixed it for him.
Realized way early on that one's path and choices are their own.
Was happy to go to NA with him way way back in colleyville, tx days.

I have some things he sold to Carmen a month ago in the store.
Need to find them and put at least one thing on the Santa Muerte.

And..its odd to me...that he is gone. I will miss him.
Another light in the world is extinguished. Another link in the community is gone as well.
I toast to you Rama this night. I will toast again tomorrow night after the service.
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